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    • I'm interested in making audio DVDs, in order to record longer programs than can be accommodated on CDs. I'm not thinking of the old DVD-Audio format, just recording audio using the DVD-Video format. Does Nero provide any means to do that? There are some old apps (like "Music DVD Creator," etc.) that claim to do the job, but they're unreliable - and designed to work in WinXP or 2000. I'm running the Nero 2016 suite under WIN7. If Nero isn't the answer, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!
    • Hi everyone I would like to download others YouTube videos as well as some of my own. Then save them to a video format. Can I do that with any of the features in Nero? I've seen an advertisement on the net for something called Nero easy video downloader but not sure if it's a real Nero product or not. Thank you. WSS
    • I'm not sure if this is like the "normal" on this server to but maybe set a guide line within the server rules about what can and cannot be used for guild emblem. If you're not sure what the emblem is, it's a Swastikas used by Nazi Germany during World War 2 and symbolised the murder of 6 million Jewish people across Europe and anyone who was not white, blond hair, blue eyes or Christian. It's common knowledge.
    • Hello, i got a problem to Register my Account. I made a Account and registered it but i still don't get a E-Mail to confirm my E-Mail. I also tried 4x to Resend the E-Mail confirmation but i never received it. I checked out of course also my Spam box but still no e-mail. The problem is, i registered the account yesterday so i don't have any hope that i will get the E-Mail. What can i do? Tried also to make a other account with a other e-mail, same problem. Plx help.
    • Halo Neros, kali ini kita akan mengadakan event ramadhan berbagi THR kepada seluruh player nero yang ada di muka bumi. Syarat dan ketentuan : 1. Buat post di facebook kalian masing-masing berupa ajakan kepada teman teman anda di facebook (Tag teman minimal 10 dan share ke grup lainnya) 2. post tersebut berupa : - Tulis nickname kalian - Ajakan ke teman untuk bermain nero - Pendapat mengenai ramadhan tahun ini - Kesan dan pesan selama bermain nero 3. Apabila sudah membuat post tersebut harap contact GM/Admin agar nama anda terdata dengan benar (PM berupa SS post an anda dan nickname kalian ke GM/Admin). 4. 1 ID(Orang) / Facebook hanya 1x post tidak boleh double,apabila ketahuan double post akan di diskualifikasi. 5. Tidak boleh mengajak dengan kata kata SARA/TIDAK SOPAN. 6. Terdapat total 10 Pemenang dalam event ini 7 oang mendapat hadiah biasa dan 3 orang mendapat hadiah GRANDPRIZE. 7. Pemilihan pemenang akan di undi lewat random.org dsb di undi pada tanggal 27 Mei 2020 Jam 8 MALAM WIB. 8 Dilarang menggunakan Facebook dummy/palsu. 8. Event Berlaku tgl 13 Mei - 25 Mei 2020.   🎁HADIAH GRAND PRIZE🎁 Juara 1 IDR.500.000 Event GM's Package Juara 2 IDR.300.000 Event GM's Package Juara 3 IDR.200.000 Event GM's Package   🎁HADIAH UMUM🎁 Juara 4-10 100 POD dan Event GM's Package So, tunggu apalagi ayo buruan menangkan hadiahnya dan tag teman teman mu untuk bermain Nero Ragnarok. Gampang banget kan tunggu apalagi coba. Salam,Neros! Luckey.  
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